Archived Teachings


Here at Interior Coverings Ministry, the Word of God is continuously fulfilling our lives in all aspects. All-encompassing and unconditional values of love are empowering the body of Christ everyday. Our goal is to share what the Lord is speaking to our hearts so all Sons and Daughters of God can rejoice and strengthen together. To access the extensive library of teachings incorporated with Interior Coverings Ministry, please access the archived library using the links below:

Archived Teachings

Extensive library of teachings throughout the lifespan of Interior Coverings Ministry

Book of Revelation Study

An in depth study on the the Apostle John's book of Revelations

Published Works

A link to Barnes and Noble website to purchase published works from Bishop Dr. Audrey Drummonds

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One Word Thought

One "Word" Thoughts is a page that will take a word from scripture and expand on the literal understanding

Janet's Jots

Observations of God's presence in everyday life, experienced by a member of Interior Coverings Ministry 

Audrey's Tiddles

Short excerpts and teachings from Bishop Dr. Audrey Drummonds. Quick studies to share when on the move. 

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