Totality of the Lamb (Part 2)

The manifestation of the fullness of Jesus Christ takes place when the power of "I will" becomes "I AM" within the body of Christ. The reason you have to be who you are as a Son of God is only then do you have anything to offer God, for God can only receive "I AM". God is "I AM", and he can only have fellowship with Himself.

Let us go to Numbers chapter 7 to see this illustrated in the Old Testament as types and shadows for us today. This chapter is about the dedication of the tabernacle in the wilderness. The princes of each tribe were representation of that tribe ringing forth offerings acceptable to God to declare a restoration of unity to the family of God.

This chapter is full of detailed symbolism that each one has special significance that can be applied to the finished work of Jesus Christ. God did not leave any details out, but not all can be discussed. I will share some thoughts to help your heart to see the application of this chapter into your own life.

Let's begin with verse 2 that uses the word "princes" which are representing the individual tribes. Notice that the prince, which a king in training, is interceding or standing in representation of the household. This was not a personal choice, but household salvation declared by one.

From verses 3 to 11 in chapter 7 there is a lot of significance with the numbers used:

  • 6..........number of man

  • 12.........number of authority, a double witness of man (2 x 6), old and new testaments.

  • 4..........number for the fullness of the earth.

In verse 12 the princes begin their day of offerings unto God.

  • The first day..........the day of the Lord.

  • The first prince.......tribe of Judah, the tribe Jesus came from.

Verse 13: offering

  • Silver charge.......redemption.

  • Weight of 100......2 jubilees, completion of old and new testaments.

  • Weight of 30.......Jesus began to pay the price, bring the offering at 30 years old.

  • Silver bowl..........a bowl is the put the blood in of redemption.

  • 70 shekels..........Jesus sent them out by 70. 70 speak of forgiveness and completion.

  • Meat offering........must have fullness of the lamb. There is no drink offering for the "I AM".

Verse 14:

  • 10 Shekels of gold........"I AM" identity

  • Incense........................filled with identity of "I AM", the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Verses 15-17: These are full of more types and shadows that are showing the symbolic pattern of Calvary and the finished work.

From verse 18 through the end of the chapter we read that each prince took a day and made an offering like the prince of Judah did. For 12 days offerings were presented to God. Again, 12 are the number of authority. It is written as "yod", the number 10, and "beit", the number 2. The "yod" represents God's creativity and deeper spiritual realities. He created the universe using the "yod" which also forms his divine name "YAH" The number 10 is symbolic for a new beginning. There is no bringing forth of yesterday, and today is new and complete in Him. Today, by faith, you are full and complete. If you awaken with the guilt and condemnation of yesterday, then you bring death into the now, and death will continue into your tomorrow. Your consciousness of yesterday cannot be a part of the fullness of the lamb today.

The "beit" is the number of blessing and creation. It is found in Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning.......created" (bershit barah). With this you have the creation of the old and new testament.

Together, the number 12 gives us the wholeness of the scriptures. There is no distinction in the house of God among the princes, and they all came full. God had 7 days, but man requires 12 for completion of the dedication of the house of God.

There is a symbolism I want to mention found in verse19:

  • Full of fine flour mingled with oil.........this is a meat offering.

  • Flour.........finished work, ground wheat, bread of life, Jesus

  • Oil............Holy Spirit

  • Golden spoon......God's character will spoon-feed you revelation knowledge.

  • Incense..............prayer of worship and praise and honor. It's all God.

Verse 84 and 86 shows us the completed finished work of the dedication of the altar of God. Every man will be feed by the Holy spirit the finished work of Jesus Christ bring forth the manifestation that God is All in All.

"That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God." Colossians 1:10

"And ye are complete in him which is the head of all principality and power." Colossians 2:10.

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