Romans Chapter 16

Romans Chapter 16

Recently, I did an in depth study on the Book of Romans. When I got to the last chapter I was fascinated with all the names that Paul mentions in his writing. My usual response would be to just skim over these, but I pondered with the thought that if it was in the Bible there must be more revelation I needed to know than just peoples' names, so I did some research. I hope the following information will be useful and enlightening to your understanding of this chapter:

Phebe: radiant light, light of the Father

Cenchrea: grain (millet) which was used by the poor. "Blessed are those poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (Matt. 5:3)

Priscilla: Paul mentions the woman first to give honor to women

Epaenetus: praise

Achaia: the territory of Asia

Andronicus: man of victory. He was in ministry before Paul was chosen by God.

Junia: youthful

Amplias: large, enlarged or expounded

Urbane: courteous and polite

Stachys: head of grain or the word

Apelles: called by God, approved in Christ

Aristobulus: the best counselor, Jesus Christ was his counselor

Herodion: hero, son of Juno a Greek god, idolatry (in the Lord)

Narcissus: stupidity (in the Lord)

Tryphena: delicate

Tryphosa: shining as a light coming from within

Persis: one that cuts and divides

Rufus: red man, Adam, carnal man

Asyncritus: not comparable. Can be positive or negative

Phlegon: burning or change, transforming

Hermas: mercury, a Greek god

Patrobas: has the Father's life

Hermes: messenger for God

Philologus: Lover of the Word of god

Julia: soft hair, gentle

Nereus: newly till land. Still have a lot of rocks (baggage)

Olympas: heavenly

Timothy: dear to God

Lucius: the illuminator of Light

Jason: one who will heal

Sosipater: father, savior

Tertius: third

Gaius: Lord, which is my heart

Erastius: beloved chamberlain steward

Quartus: fourths

The following words are part of this chapter:

Salute: To spend quality time in fellowship to get to know one another. Not just saying "hi" or a handshake.

Faithful: Full of faith

Holy Kiss: greet with your lips to their cheek

In verse 24, Paul declares the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all (in the midst of you).

In Verse 25, Paul sees the gospel of Jesus Christ as his gospel because Jesus is the older brother of the same family that Paul is declaring he is a part of.

In verse 26, Paul says that the secret in verse 25 is NOW made manifest, that we belong to the family of God, and that mystery has NOW been given to ALL.

I hope you will enjoy using this information to plug-in to this chapter. May the knowledge, wisdom and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be your heart and mind of understanding.

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