Prayer for America

Father, my heart is challenged today as Nehemiah was with the chaos an confusion that is manifesting daily in America dividing the country. Americans are identifying themselves from a past by their hair, eyes, nose, height, and skin color that throughout this country's history men have already died for. Rather than defining in unity the identification of being an American, they promote justification from other countries that has been lost for generations. I often hear, "I'm Irish, I'm Scottish, I'm Italian, I'm white, I'm black, I'm Latin, I'm German, I'm African, I'm Jewish, I'm Muslim, I'm Christian, I'm Asian, I'm Hindu, I'm Indian" – yet in most of these Americans the percentage of these native bloodlines has been lost through generational mixture. We now have a culture and country of mixture that desires a voice and identity that establishes the question, "What does it mean to be an American?"

Tell My people a house divided will fall. Either they are for ME or against Me. If they are for Me, then they can not justify their own rights to kill which has begun in their hearts. The evil that has been done in the past has been brought to this place in time for reconciling, forgiveness, and restoration for the next generation...NOT Justification and separation. I have released My banner – LOVE - over this country to BE the manifestation of LIFE to the world. I have given My people called by MY NAME the tools to call this generation to Be known as the repairers of broken walls and the restorers of well-being unveiling the generational treasurers that have been hidden as a multifaceted diamond. When My LIFE shines from the heart of MY people the brilliance of diversity reflects off the diamond of this country to the world.

Tell My people as American citizens to evaluate themselves; not by skin color, gender, sexual preference, age, education, religion, or financial status. Let each of them examine their heart redefining the unity of being an American as a melting pot of diversity, yet shines in brilliance to the world as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and freedom for all citizens to shine from their heart. Let the tools I have given them Be used: Tools of love, tools of peace, tools of laughter, tools of patience, tools of kindness, tools of gentleness, tools of faithfulness and accountability, and tools of self-control to one another with the willingness to wear someone's shoes.

The barrenness and emptiness of former generations are in the past. As a nation that has established one nation under God I often hear from Heaven leadership speeches and prayers end with the words, "May God Bless America." I HAVE!! However, American's are not using the tools of rebuilding that I gave them. Instead, they justify their rights as individuals based on fear. I did not give them a spirit of fear, but a banner of LOVE and sound mind. I hear from Heaven concepts like "gun-control" as the answer to the violence and destruction, yet the root of the violence begins in the heart.

These attempts to give a voice to certain issues that are focused on religions, skin colors, sexual preferences, etc. are only giving a voice to justify the ego of self while looking out for number-one. This is NOT the platform I gave since the foundation of the world that identifies the UNITED STATES of AMERICA for such a time as NOW in history. The borders of America are broken spiritually because My people evaluate issues from the outer appearance, and not the heart of ME. Unless every hand of every citizen is removed, a law of literal gun-control from the peoples' possession WILL NOT resolve the hatred path of justification and ego in their hearts. Pointing a finger at others is pointing three fingers back at one's self.

When MY people begin to point a finger of love and kindness to one another despite their justification of doing so, they will receive a triple blessing of love and kindness. The more they give away, the more I will bless them with the same. My people will become transformed to SEE kindness in the homeless, to SEE gentleness in the LGBT, to SEE patience in the Muslim, to SEE self-control in the diversity of skin colors, to SEE wisdom in the genders, and to SEE LIFE in the aged.

As these Life-giving tools are used by American citizens among their families, communities, and country the transformation of bringing forth the American dream spoken by past leadership will be unveiled. The tools have been given in the heart of My People. It is time to look within to pull forth the hidden treasures I have placed there. Many people throughout many generations that have come from many other countries have been willing to give their lives for this generation to manifest the fruit of the American dream for ALL citizens that was planted and seeded in blood many years earlier.

May God Bless America as one country – a diamond that shines with diversity as the Sonship of God's tools of His Love used to rebuild ruined lives and cities - restoring safety and peace to our streets and dwelling places. A united nation known to the world as the manifestation of brotherly LOVE. We each only have one LIFE, one opportunity to BE LOVE to the unlovable. Let that moment count. Amen.

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