Was Moses Just a Man?

Was Moses just a man picked out of a hat when he was assigned to bring the children of God out of Egypt, or was there something unique going on?

Moses was chosen by God because Moses knew something that was very important for the task that needed to be done. Moses knew the mind of being a son of god (Pharaoh). He didn't first learn from God when he went on the mountain, but being raised in Pharaoh's household as his son. Moses was sent to the top of authority by God from the moment he was born. Keep in mind that the first five years of a child's life are the most impressionable to learn the most. There were things that Jesus had to see, hear, and learn from Egypt has well.

Moses was raised to be a god, a supreme being in the house of Pharaoh. He had the mindset of what it takes to be a son of god. He knew that a word spoken from anyone in the house of Pharaoh (god) was a word of power and authority to move time and history. He knew that the writings he passed down of scripture had life and power in them. He knew of what took place with the after life and resurrection of the dead. He understood when God wanted the ark of the covenant built that the word ark meant coffin. He knew that death was involved for life to come forth. The whole mindset of Egypt in handling the body of a dead king or Pharaoh is that the body is prepared and buried in such a way for the journey into the after world, and for them to rein forever as a god. The degree of pleasantness and success with the preparations of the body, the greater the manifestation is to the Egyptian people with the prosperity of blessings on their life and land. It is to their benefit to make sure the king or Pharaoh goes into the after life with food, provisions, wealth, a perfect body and organs. This is the mindset Moses had when confronted with God to build the tabernacle.

The promise land was for those still seeking the journey of blessings. Moses had been in the presence of God. He had the mindset of God for his face shone with the light of God that it had to be veiled. When Moses walked among the people they saw a man who was raised to be the god of Egypt transformed with the power and authority of Almighty God into the image of God. To them it was like seeing a Pharaoh that had actually died, gone through his journey into the afterworld, and come back as god.

The Levitical priesthood showed man working toward transformation that would never be attainable by the laws and rituals. Their mindset needed a someday "promise land". Moses did not need to go because he knew that when you have God, you have it all. They already had it all in the wilderness with God in their midst. Their imaginations didn't like what they saw, so God allowed them to be guided by their own mindset. They had the position and authority of being children of God, but they blended it with an Egyptian mindset. God had to get Egypt out of them. Moses already had it out of him.

Deut 34:5-7, " So Moses the servant of the Lord died in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord, and he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor: but no man knoweth of his sepulcher unto this day. And Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.". Ask yourself, if God can not come near death what does he mean when he buried Moses, yet in a place that can't be found?

In all of Moses' life, what was his real search and quest to obtain? He was taken as a baby from his natural father, and raised as the son of god (Pharaoh). Then that identity is taken from him until he meets God who proclaims he is the Father of Moses which would make him the Son of God. Moses didn't need a promise land to go to as the people searched for. His quest was to obtain his true identity. Once that was satisfied he knew that all else would come into place by the power and authority the position held.

Remember his Egyptian mindset, death was a transformation into the after world with the ability to fully bless the people in the land. Did Moses die as we know death, or did he go behind the veil with his entire body versus just his face? Moses went into the presence of God with himself of who he was with the mindset of transformation from death to life. The mindset of the people was that of the High Priest, putting on garments of righteousness to go into the Holy of Holies. Moses knew that the identity to someday be the son of God was not something to obtain in the future for him, but to declare what was already in him by knowing God as his Father.

On the mount of transfiguration when Peter, James, and John saw Jesus with Moses where did Moses come from? Could it be possible that he was their all along, but because of the veil of "imagination" the light of the Lord in him couldn't be seen. Where did this light that glorified the Lord come from? It came from within. Moses was able to walk among the people with a veil over his face. It had to be covered because it glowed with the Light of the Lord. When Moses died he went into the presence of the Holy of Holies on the mountain transforming not only his face, but his body as well. He died to the natural way of man to enter into the supernatural love of the Lord. He was a type and shadow, as was Elijah, to things to come for the entire world that Jesus died on the cross for.

Moses "died" for the people so that as he is transformed into the image of God, his Father, in the afterworld the people will be blessed going into the promised land. A blessing that will be greater than the provisions of their needs taken care of that they received in the wilderness. They have an opportunity to know God in a way that Moses did, as the fullness of the Light of the world. Where there is Light, there is Eternalness, time no more.

God's purpose from the beginning in Genesis is to create a family, to create a people in His image. Moses wrote this message given to him by God to give to us when he wrote the first five books of the Bible.

Light, Life, and Love are not descriptions of God's character, but who He is. In Him there is no darkness, no Egypt, no time. His word is eternal. He is transforming us, removing the veil of our imagination as He fills us with who He is by the teaching of the Holy Spirit. Death is not the vessel that God desires to use to bring us into His presence. Jesus died for the sins of the world to overcome the Egyptian mindset of death being necessary for the journey into the supernatural. We pacify the need for death in order to come into the presence of God as an excuse of insecurity and doubt with our relationship with God and who we are. It is the word in us that comes out of us that transformation can take place into transfiguration on this earth while in the natural body.

Time is for our benefit as a school master to train us into the identification of who we are. God can only live where God is. He created Adam so He could live on this earth and reproduce Himself. When we hear, read, and do the word by faith knowing in our hearts that if our Father has said it, it's a done deal, we will be the manifestations of the Sons of God (the body of Christ) on this earth.

God, who is the author of time, made himself subject to time by putting flesh on His Word, to do away with time, and to bring forth the end of time.

May this teaching be a blessing to your understanding and a greater revelation of He who is in you.

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