The Eternal Word of God

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (John 1:1)

We know that God is the Word. It isn't God over "here" and the scriptures over "there." We also know that the Word is Jesus. The Word was with God, the Word is God.

God is eternal, all light, no darkness, all life, no death. Therefore, the Word must be the same. We take God out and fill in religion when we take the Word as literal, laced with judgment and condemnation.

The mindset that God gave us with the writings of the scriptures came through a Jewish mindset. Even though the New Testament was written in Greek, Jesus and the disciples spoke and thought with a Jewish mind. The major difference between the Greek and Jewish mind is that the Greek sees scriptures as philosophical. The natural mind must make sense of the things of God, and the more education a person has in theology and philosophy, the greater chance he will try to understand the Word through these means of understanding what God was trying to express.

The Greek mindset puts aside the fact that it is the Holy Spirit who reveals the mysteries of God. He does not need educational degrees, and can reveal God through anyone.

The Hebrew mind will ask "What is God saying to you?" It gives respect to the fact that wisdom of the Word brings life, and light to different parts of the body in different ways. There is no "I'm right and your wrong" with the interpretations of what the Holy Spirit is revealing to an individual. There is a walk of faith that there is only one Holy Spirit and One God. Even though there are many members of one body, it is only the blood of Jesus, the Word, which gives life to the many members. This kind of faith declares that it is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to bring unity to the body.

I have shared the above for the purpose of giving some insight to the Word of God that I hope will expand and encourage a hunger to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal mysteries in the Word that you didn't see before. Here are some thoughts to consider:

I have started taking a few lessons in learning the Hebrew language. The first thing I've noticed about the language is that every letter of their alphabet is a word in itself, not just a letter. Each letter also has a numerical value. Each Hebrew word has either a masculine or feminine form which represents a spiritual or soul emphasis that is not gender related. It gives a new meaning to the words male or female used in scripture.

Let's take one of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet to show other alternatives in viewing the word of God.

The last letter of the alphabet is the "tav." It is transliterated as the "t" sound. In the New Testament it was interpreted as the Greek letter "omega." Unfortunately, translating from Hebrew to Greek took away the expansion of potential meaning for this letter.

The letter "tav" has the numerical value of 400. It is the end of all the other letters. The number 4 can represent the four corners of the earth, or four directions, or fullness. The number "0" is an eternal number with no ending or beginning just as God is. The double "0"s can represent a double witness, or even the old and new testaments. The original writings would use the "tav" with a silent "h" to separate the "tet" letter of the alphabet which also had the "t" sound. The "h" was later dropped in translating, but if the "tav" was used it was known to expect the "h" to be there which was given as the breath of God.

The "vav" or "v" sound in the word "tav" has a numerical value of 6, which is the number of man. It is used as a connecting letter for the word "and" to bring two or more thoughts together as one.

The Torah uses the "tav" not the "tet". It has been misinterpreted as the Jewish Law; but correctly translated, according to the Jewish Publication Society of America's "Holy Scriptures" it means: teachings, instructions, directions, rituals, and obligations. Very rarely is it ever used as law.

In Matthew 5:18 Jesus says, "till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." He is referring to God's instructions given to Moses to give to man for living a life of blessing and joy, not a matter of law and commandment. God gave the Torah as guidelines for a whole way of life.

Putting all this information together gives insight to the letter "tav." It has more significance than just making a "t" sound. We have the numbers 4+0+0 and 6. The number 10 represents God's creativity. The usage of it can also mean the fullness of the earth and heavens coming together with the instructions of life between God and man, so that God can be manifested all in all.

The insight of the letter "tav" is not limited to this teaching, but an example of going beyond the limited English version of using the letters in the alphabet to understanding God's word. God is eternal, and each letter of His Word has eternal ability to be manifested. It is up to us to open our hearts with a teachable spirit allowing the Holy Spirit to pull the veil away to reveal the eternal goodness of our heavenly Father through His letters to His children. May God bless you with this teaching and draw you to His eternal love.

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