The End of Times is the Beginning of Christ

As I sit in my office knowing in my heart there is a message I am to share through writing, I ponder seeking an unveiling of Christ that has not been heard. What are the keys to unlock the door of the mystery of Christ in you for the manifestation of the sons of God? I lean not to my own understanding, but to hear the Spirit of the Lord within me speaking His truth to share with His body.

In the Beginning… "The earth (me) was without form, and void (who am I); and darkness was upon the face (identity) of the deep (my heart, inner most being). And the Spirit of God moved (impregnated, quickened) upon the face of the waters (the seed of God planted as my DNA). And God (Christ) said, Let there be light (god, me): and there was light (birthing of His seed). And God (Christ)saw the light (His son), that it was good: and God (Christ) divided the light(identity in Him) from the darkness (ignorance, unknown)" (Genesis 1:2-3).

For those that have been following the lessons that I have shared over the past several years, you will recall a pattern that has been emerging to "Bring forth the sons of God" and "Living in the Inheritance of God," our Father, as new creations in Christ Jesus. I have also been given the assignment by the Holy Spirit to dissect the Book of Revelation verse by verse unveiling the finished work of Jesus Christ as "Christ in you, the hope of glory." This is still a work in progress, but the Lord has taken me to the end of Revelation (Chapter 22) to give me insight on "end times."

"The Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely" (Revelation 22:17).

For over 2000 years, the church has taught that they are the "bride of Christ" spoken of in Rev. 22:17. However, the reason the church is still teaching of a coming bridegroom instead of living today as new creations in Christ (Gal. 2:20), is because they are stuck in the preparation stage of planning their wedding. The church today is still a display of being a "bridezilla" preparing for a coming wedding with a man that they are not sure if he is white, black, yellow, or red skinned. Does He have blue, black, or brown eyes? Is He still hanging on the cross covered in blood that is over 2000 years old, or is He clothed as a Greek god that can walk through walls?

What do I mean when I use the word "bridezilla?" If you have ever been involved with helping a bride-to-be put together her wedding, then you would have a concept of what it means to be a "bridezilla." Most wedding planner books suggest that a time span of eight months to a year be set aside for arranging a wedding.

During the initial stage of preparation there is a lot of excitement and energy between the bride and those that are helping. Many ideas and thoughts are being shared. Many decisions are being made. The bride initially is open to these suggestions as she incorporates her own ideas, but she is also very in tuned to the fact that this is her wedding, A bride considers that she is only going to have one lifetime opportunity to have the perfect wedding according to her dreams, and when the wedding is over, she won't be making any more plans for another wedding. With that pressure being around a bride-to-be, before the wedding and all the way up until she is standing at the altar, can be a very trying experience for anyone connected with the preparation. This is when the word "bridezilla" is formed.

Everything is centered and focused on the BRIDE. It is one of the most glorious and self-centered moments of time in a woman's life. Many women consider this the peak of a woman's glory and radiance. It is a time in her life when all eyes and attention are focused on her, including the groom. She knows in her heart that every hair must be in place. Her make-up must be flawless. Her nails must be perfectly manicured and polished. The pearls on her dress must lay in such an array that gives her an hourglass figure. The folds in her veil must be layered giving her a crown of glory. Her bouquet must be perfectly arranged giving off the fragrance of elegance as a princess of royalty walking between the people in her world.

There have been many relationships severed after the wedding is over because of the "bridezilla" being manifested from the attitude and actions of the bride while preparations for the wedding took place. Many brides spend the majority of their energy focused on the wedding day, but very little energy about their new life the next day no longer as a bride, but a wife.

Not only does the church display a "bridezilla" mentality to the world, but the church does not agree of who they are suppose to be marrying for eternity. Over all, the many different denominations of Christianity say they "love the Lord Jesus Christ," but if the question arises to describe Him, the groom, each Christian has a different description based on their imagination of who Jesus Christ is today.

Would we dare to tell the "bridezilla" church that the only wedding you are preparing yourself for is in your imagination that would be compatible to a cardboard image of your groom? If that isn't enough to think about, do we even try to ask, " So, what do you think happens after the wedding with Jesus Christ?" Do you plan on living in a mansion in the sky surrounded with streets of gold? Do you have visions of a perfectly formed fleshly body with not an ounce of fat that never gets older than "30?" Will that flesh have smooth silky skin with no wrinkles a topped with a head full of long flowing radiant hair? Is then when you will finally learn how to play a musical instrument hanging out on clouds?

WAKE UP CHURCH! As long as the church gives this imaginative picture of what it means to be the bride of Christ married to a picture of a man that an artist has illustrated of what Jesus looks like, we are living in the world of imagination as children of God, instead of sons.

Jesus Christ brought the creation of heaven and earth together (Gen. 1:1) when He died on the cross, descended into the depth of hell (ignorance and darkness), and ascended to the throne room of God bringing all mankind with Him. He unlocked, exposed, and overcame every form of ignorance and darkness that could control and rob mankind from the ability to be who they were created to be in Christ taking us back to the beginning of creation. The tomb where the body of Jesus Christ was laid was found empty and void of any flesh or bones. So why does the bride of Christ, the church, keep hanging around the cross waiting for her knight in shining armor?

The church has been trying to figure out "who they are" being tossed to and fro justifying the means of how to prepare themselves without spot or wrinkle to be the bride of Christ from the interpretation of men. Men can talk to women about how to be a bride and how to have a child, but without the experience, there is no reality. Do we really desire for the return of the Lord, or do we just want to talk about our imagination of what we "think" the end of times and the coming of the Lord is about? Selah

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